In An African Slum, Dreaming About Things So Close, Yet So Far

KIBERA, Kenya—The little girl in the faded blue dress stood on a bare hillside in one of the most desperate slums in Africa, the mud-walled houses behind her packed so close together that their rusty tin roofs overlapped.  She looked out across a steep ravine. A narrow, twisting open sewer cut along the red [...]

Bracing For Flooding At Hurricane Time In Already Soggy Florida

WEST PALM BEACH,  Fla.—Around the clock, from a control room on the edge of the Everglades, technicians track water levels in the canals, lakes and marshes across the southern part of Florida. On their computer screens, they can see changes hundreds of miles away and with a few key strokes they open and [...]

In The War On Malaria Some Hopeful Signs, But A Long Way to Go

KISUMU, Kenya—The rainy season in East   Africa is also the malaria season.

Rain water collects in puddles and old tires   and gutters. It also accumulates in discarded tin cans and in the folds   of plastic shopping bags in garbage heaps. Malarial mosquitoes lay their eggs in the stagnant [...]