Telling It Like It Is On Killing Power Of Weakest Hurricanes

FORT LAUDERDALE—Summer time. Hurricanes. This year, with a very busy hurricane season coming up – according to government and university experts—the National Weather Service wants to set a few things straight.
For nearly 40 years, government forecasters have been describing hurricanes in the dispassionate, clinical terms of engineers and meteorologists.
Now the forecasters have rewritten the guidelines [...]

On the Road In East Africa: Bang, Bump, Ouch

KISUMU, Kenya—The roads in a country can tell you a lot about a place.
Some of the roads here in Kenya and in the rest of East Africa are smooth, black ribbons of asphalt.  But many are pure torture. They are unpaved or once-paved washboards with crisscrossing ridges and odd-shaped craters. You start running into [...]