Fish In Haiti Are Almost As Rare As Trees

MIAMI—As a boy in Haiti, Jean Wiener liked to poke around the coral reefs just offshore.  The coral was thick and wild and splashed with bursts of orange and purple. Swarms of Yellow Tail Snappers and Nassau Groupers cruised past undulating sea fans and nibbled at rich, green sea grass. Sometimes young Mr. Wiener [...]

Drinking Water Filthy But Big Money Goes To Build New Stadium

MIAMI—The news was from South Africa. It was about an expensive new soccer stadium that had been built in a city where the drinking water is often dirty and many people have neither electric lights nor toilets.

It was an outsized example of what keeps happening with government spending in so much [...]

Haiti’s Fish and Coral, An Untold Story Of Environmental Loss

MIAMI—Flying into Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti, you see a wide, milky border stretching out to sea from the beaches. It is Haiti dying a little more, bleeding off more of its topsoil and turning the coastal waters into a disaster zone.
The mud that washes down from Haiti’s treeless hills and stains the coastline settles [...]

Africa Water Project Captures Difficulty Of Global Struggle

MIAMI—Steven Solomon was just starting the research on a huge book on the global water problem when his wife Claudine got the idea – independently – to take some of her middle school students to Africa to work on a water project.
In three weeks in southeastern Kenya, near the border with Tanzania, Mr. Solomon, his [...]