Post Earthquake, Some Nasty Voices On Battered Haiti

MIAMI—A journalist friend in New York with good ideas and a big heart had been reading reports about Haiti and its worn, unproductive and often dangerous landscape.
Most of the country’s trees had long since been chopped down for firewood. Much of the topsoil had washed away and when the rain got really heavy, the bare [...]

Fixing the Everglades: Looking for Wisdom In An Artificial Swamp

THE EVERGLADES—The sawgrass and cattails, green with brown accents, bent in the late afternoon wind. Sunlight glinted off the tight ripples scudding across the ponds and little bays. A turkey buzzard shot sideways on an easterly gust.
From my spot on a narrow dirt dike, marshy fields stretched to the horizon. Off to the left, four [...]

Haiti’s Tomorrow May Be Rooted In Trees, Fertilizer

MIAMI—Throughout the history of foreign assistance, charitable organizations and government agencies have built schools and water treatment plants and created farm projects only to discover that their good works did not really fit in with the local scene. Or that one project contradicted another.  Schools and water treatment plants fell apart and experimental farms [...]

Haiti Earthquake: Greening of Hillsides Can Bolster Recovery

MIAMI—It was long, long ago that the hills and steep, craggy mountains of Haiti were covered in rich, green forests. One by one the trees had been turned into firewood by a poor people on the way to becoming poorer. The hills and mountains became dirt slopes, spillways for rushing flood waters when it rained. [...]