A Drinking Water Crisis In Haiti Long Before Earthquake Destruction

MIAMI—Long before the earthquake, Haiti was mired in a crisis that only a few experts noticed – a severe lack of clean drinking water.
The country’s 10 million people had drinking water from springs and rivers and wells and a broken-down municipal water system in the capital, Port-Au-Prince. But a great deal of the water was [...]

The Texas Drought, The Florida Chill—Climate Change? No

MIAMI—That drought that just ended in Texas was not an example of climate change. Neither were the weird, freezing cold temperatures in Florida as the year began.
How confusing. You hear so much about climate change. Then you see what looks like evidence. And it turns out not to be evidence at all.
“Climate change is slower [...]

Dirty Drinking Water Pushes Jessica Biel Up Mt. Kilimanjaro

MIAMI—Hollywood star Jessica Biel, the pop singer-song writer Kenna, the hip-hoppers Lupe Fiasco and Santigold and half dozen friends are climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro in East Africa as the new year begins as a way of drawing attention to the problem of unsafe drinking water in much of the world.
Justin Timberlake, the actor and boyfriend of [...]