A Fixable Problem Remains Unresolved And Kids Keep Dying

WASHINGTON—Dirty water is killing kids–lots of kids. The magnitude of the deaths is staggering, perhaps 5,000 a day, 1.8 million a year – more deaths annually than the combined total from malaria, measles and HIV/AIDS.
And who’s talking about it?  Who is outraged?  Practically no one. It is a problem that [...]

Way Out In The Pacific Ecology Zone Promises Climate Insights, Jobs

MIAMI—You don’t hear much about the nation of Kiribati.
It is a little out of the way, out in the Pacific Ocean near the equator and about 2,500 miles southwest of Hawaii. It consists of 33 mostly uninhabited islands scattered over a patch of the Pacific as big as the United States. Most of [...]

One Step Forward In Fixing Sprawling Florida Water Pollution

MIAMI – All over the country, rivers, lakes and coastal waters   are being hammered by outbreaks of algae that suck oxygen out of the water and smother vital river and sea grasses. Wildlife suffers and sometimes drinking water is contaminated. It is rare that the fouled drinking water seriously harms anyone. But rashes [...]

Boston Harbor: From Stinking Mess To Sailor’s Delight

BOSTON – Back in 1988, George Bush the elder took a theatrical boat ride around Boston Harbor and proclaimed it “the filthiest harbor in America.”  It was mainly a stunt to undermine his opponent for the Presidency, Michael S. Dukakis, then governor of Massachusetts and therefore, one might argue, the guardian of the harbor. [...]