Bottled Water Sellers Finding New Strategies In Shrinking Market

MIAMI – Executives at the big bottled water companies have been getting bad news this summer. The sale of water in plastic bottles – often right out of the tap – has been falling.
Environmentalists are thrilled. They have been telling anyone who would listen that the planet would be better off without bottled water.  [...]

Sale of Bottled Water Declines in U.S., Europe; What’s Going On Here?

MIAMI – It may be too early to declare victory in the war of the Green People against bottled water. From their point of view the news this summer has certainly been good: Americans and Europeans are finally buying less bottled water.
But could the poor economy have been the main factor? As the economy recovers [...]

Charles River Cleanup Has Come A Long Way, But Years More To Go

BOSTON – Collegiate rowing is a big sport on the Charles Rivers as it flows broad and steady along the edges of Cambridge and Boston.  The river used to be so polluted, the story goes, that when a rower accidently fell in, he or she was immediately taken to the emergency room.
The story may [...]

Coming Crisis on Water Is Here and Congress Is Thinking About It

MIAMI – When Senator Paul Simon traveled to Somalia years ago he saw people dying for lack of drinking water. It was a disturbing experience. He threw himself into the study of the scarcity of water and poor sanitation around the world and began working for improvement. In 1998, just after retiring from the Senate, [...]