On The Waterfront, Obama Looking Like a Buddy

MIAMI – On that cold inaugural day in Washington, Barack Obama paused in the course of sketching out his hopes and dreams for America to say a few words about water.
Then in February as he pushed through Congress a $787 billion economic stimulus package, he saw to it that $12 billion was designated for water [...]

Water Projects Get More Money Than Expected In $787 Billion Economic Stimulus Package

Miami – Things are looking good for water in America, or at least looking up – if money is your measure.
Federal spending on water projects jumped sharply with the enactment of President Obama’s $787 billion economic stimulus package. Altogether $12 billion was designated for water projects – twice as much as initial reports had suggested.
Water [...]

$6 Billion For Water Projects In Economic Stimulus Plan

MIAMI – President Obama’s economic stimulus program contains a good-sized chunk of money for dealing with water problems in the United States.
As the legislation moves into its final stages of approval, $6 billion has been designated to improve the quality of drinking water in places where it has been becoming iffy, renovating and adding to [...]